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Rustproofing; about us, what we do and why you should have your vehicle rustproofed
Any devotee of classic cars who has spent cold winter nights in a cramped lock up with an old car, a welder and an angle grinder for company will know of the importance of rust prevention.
Corrosion is probably the biggest threat to a vehicleís appearance and value in this country. Long damp winters with salt covered roads and diverse soil conditions can ruin even the most cherished vehicle in just a few years if not properly protected. One must also consider the safety implications of a rusting vehicle. Modern unitary monocoque design relies on the complete integrity of the vehicles body frame- remove some of the critical strength around the sills and chassis members for example through corrosion and a bodyshellís inbuilt strength is lost, often with catastrophic results.

 We donít just treat Classic cars these days too. Modern vehicles can rust just as happily as a seventies Cortina, just ask a Mercedes or Land Rover owner! We have also seen a large increase over the last few years of Motor Homes and SUVís through our doors. It is hardly surprising, these are expensive vehicles to buy and sadly have little factory protection underneath that can lead to some very expensive and inconvenient repairs.
What can I do about it?
 There are a number of ways to protect your vehicle  from corrosion and cavity wax injection is by far the most cost effective method. Our process involves spraying a thick waxy solution, full of corrosion inhibitors that lock onto your vehicles metalwork into all internal box sections, inside panels, onto suspension and onto under body surfaces to form a flexible, self healing barrier against moisture. This is no new Ďwonder productí, Waxoyl has been around for many years and as a result there are many older vehicles that have survived without major restoration. The most important thing is correct application, and thatís where we come in!

Why Waxworks?
As well as our unique nationwide collection and delivery service we offer something else that no one else does- our 4 year program. This is how it works. You bring your vehicle along to our facility and have a comprehensive rustproofing treatment carried out. You are then invited to return annually for the next three years for a FREE inspection. The vehicle is washed and any worn out, damaged, scraped or chipped areas are retreated whilst you have a cuppa. There is absolutely no additional charge for this service although we do expect you off roaders to present us with a reasonably clean vehicle. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in tip top condition and there will be no nasty rust related repair bills looming. With prices starting from just £300 all in, we feel that this service offers incredible value for money.

As a small company we are also VAT free. Thatís a saving of 20% right off the bat.


 Our treatments
 So who are we?
The Waxworks was born from a small team of classic car restorers with many years of experience working with classic and specialist cars, and 20 years later we are still a small family run business. When it comes to preserving vehicles, experience is key!

 As professional restorers we spent countless hours carefully repairing the damage that rust creates and as a result we have gained an unique understanding in the causes and prevention of corrosion. Ten years ago we decided to concentrate our efforts towards rust prevention treatments as we could not find anyone in the North capable of a quality anti corrosion service. I still restore the occasional classic sports car but our core business is now rustproofing. We are not, never have been, or ever will be a Franchise operation.

  We firmly believe that Waxoyl- the genuine original product made just up the road in Prudhoe, Northumberland, is still the most effective anticorrosion treatment available, it is still miles ahead of the opposition and thatís why we have always used it on our own cherished classics.
  A great product is only half the battle though. It will do little if not properly applied, thatís why the person who treats your vehicle is as important as the product itself. A small company like ours survives on reputation-thatís why we always provide the best possible solution to your needs.
 At The Waxworks we treat every  vehicle as one of our own and we only treat one vehicle per day to ensure that it is done right- first time and to the highest possible standard. We also limit the number of treatments to just 5 a week, this is why there is no VAT to pay for our services, making Waxworks prices the most competitive in the sector.
 We are proud to be a small company and donít want to become a target obsessed production line churning out 3 treatments a day. The other rust proofing companies that have begun to spring up might want to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on equipment and advertising to help them achieve this, but it doesnít benefit  you the customer!

  We enjoy what we do, take great pride in our work and enjoy getting to know our customers. This is why we will continue to keep our company small, friendly and most importantly to you- affordable.

Although our focus remains on privately owned specialist, collectors, motor homes and 4X4 vehicles we have rustproofed a wide range of vehicles for a number of prestigious organizations including HM Coast guard, The Highways Agency and for several main franchised dealers in the North of England and Southern Scotland.  From a bicycle frame to a 40ft truck, we have it covered

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